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1211 3rd Avenue SE, PO Box 365 
Rugby, ND 58368

Phone: 701.776.5279

Fax: 701.776.5513

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About Us

Rugby Elevator

Our story begins in 1911 when a group of 83 farmers in Pierce and McHenry counties formed the Farmers Mutual Storm Cyclone and Tornado Insurance Company in Bottineau, ND.

The members of the company reorganized in 1915 to form the Farmers Mutual Fire, Lightning, windstorm, cyclone and tornado. On June 25, 1931, the company acquired the Benson County Farmers Mutual Fire and Lightning insurance company of Minnewaukan, ND on January 1, 1957.

Publishers’ Mutual Fire Insurance Company of Devils Lake, ND was incorporated on August 29, 1917.

On January 2, 1969, the Farmers Mutual Insurance Company of Rugby merged into Publishers’ Mutual Fire Insurance Company and adopted the name Center Mutual Insurance Company.

The last acquisition of the company was the Farmers Mutual Insurance Company of Wells County in Harvey, ND on May 1, 1970. With the licensing of additional agencies in South Dakota starting in 1982, the company continued to grow.

Currently, Center Mutual has approximately 25,000 policies in force and a staff of 29. In 2017, our company celebrated 100 years in business. The progress and growth of the company is a tribute to its directors, agents, policyholders, reinsurers, and staff.


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